(Amateur Radio Service Center)

322 VZ County Rd 2714

Mabank, TX 75147




The phone will not be answered outside those hours

Walk-ins by appointment only

Quality repair of most Kenwood Amateur Radio Equipment

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New addition of TS2000

Shop Rate $50/hr

Minimum Charge $37.50

Payment may be made by cash, check, or money order. No Credit Cards

No Paypal

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Clif Holland KA5IPF

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I started in 1981 repairing Ham Equipment for Electronics Center Inc (ECI) in Dallas, Tx.

In 1993 ECI closed. AVVid was opened as an independent repair facility.

Current Workbench

Ziggy keeping a watch on me

Top Row L-R

Asst Bird Slugs, Viz Power Monitor, Fluke 8050A DMM, Peak DCA-55,

Peak LCR40, Peak ESR 60 (in boxes).

Second Row

HP-3312A Function Generator, HP-5315B Freq Counter, Viz Power Monitor,

Bird 43 (behind Viz), HP-3478A DMM, HP-53131A Counter

Third row

HP 8664A Signal Generator, HP-8920A Service Monitor, Tektronix 2465B 'Scope

On Bench

Astron VS-50M Supply, HP-6236B Power Supply, Monitor for HP8920, Bird 4391M Wattmeter,

Rigol DS1054Z Digital Scope

Misc not shown;

Bird 8431 Load, HP Z3801A GPS Receiver, Nikon Stereo Zoom Microscope,

HP8656B Signal Generator, HP 8921A Service Monitor

Updated 2/10/2015