(Amateur Radio Service Center)

322 VZ County Rd 2714

Mabank, TX 75147




The phone will not be answered outside those hours

Vacation Notice

We have closed for vacation.
We will start accepting radios for repair in Aug, date to be announced here.

Walk-ins by appointment only

Quality repair of most Kenwood Amateur Radio Equipment

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Shop Rate $50/hr

Minimum Charge $37.50

Payment may be made by cash, check, or money order. No Credit Cards

No Paypal

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Service and Warranty Information

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Clif Holland KA5IPF

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I started in 1981 repairing Ham Equipment for Electronics Center Inc (ECI) in Dallas, Tx.

In 1993 ECI closed. AVVid was opened as an independent repair facility.

Current Workbench
Top Row: Asst Bird Slugs, Viz Power Monitor, HP-3478A DMM, HP-53131A Counter, HP-3312A Function Generator
Second Row: HP-8656B Signal Generator, HP-8920A Service Monitor, Tektronix 2465B 'Scope, HP-5315B Counter
Bottom: Astron VS-50M Supply, B&K TR110 Isolator, Bird 4391M Wattmeter, 2 HP-6236B Supplies, Fluke 8050A DMM, Bird 8431 Load
Misc: Simpson 10A DC Meter
Not Visible to Right: HP Z3801A GPS Receiver

Updated 6/26/2014